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ONLINE, 24/7


"Not only does geek chic make the most comfortable skirts and tops, but they are also the most flattering. I always feel confident and beautiful in her designs, even on those days that I feel bloated and just want to stay in my pajamas. What’s even better about these items, is I have given a few skirts to dear friends and they have all said the same thing, “wow I feel amazing in this!” Or “ I didn’t know I could pull off a pencil skirt, this looks and feels great!” I love that her work actually makes women feel better about themselves, myself included! The vibrant designs are easy to throw on and wear casually or for a more formal occasion. I love supporting this female owned business and I can’t wait for more new designs!"

-Elisabeth, Peplum Top + Fractured Linear Skirt


"I wore {your skirts} and have gotten tons of compliments... I am trying to step up my wardrobe a bit and a friend of mine is encouraging me. So, even though I am not typically a dress/skirt girl... I've loved wearing your skirts! Comfortable and stylish!!!"

- Andrea, Chromosome Skirt


"Thank you Lysandra for the beautiful skirts. One was not enough! I love how comfortable they are and they hug my curves very nicely. I got so many compliments with the first skirt, I had to get a second one."

- Gracia, Bioluminescence Skirt


"I never knew I liked my butt until I started wearing your skirts"

- Elisabeth, Fractured Linear Skirt


"Thank you so much! That makes geekchic skirt #4 for me and I will be thrilled to wear it!"

- Ruth, Chromosome Skirt


“I have four handmade geekchic skirts that I have worn over the course of nearly 3 years and they look and feel as good as they did when I bought them! They are my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I can wear them with professional pieces to teach or wear them with a tee to take my baby to the park. Best skirts ever!”

- Seana, Fractured Linear Skirt


“Stunning! Sexy and professional! Love it!”

- Jes M., Lace Trim Midi Skirt


“This skirt rocks my business casual world. It is my personal goal to feel like I am wearing my pjs at work and this definitely achieves that, while looking totally profesh!”

- Jessica, Bioluminescence Skirt


“Thanks for the gorgeous skirt and the confidence boost!”

- Stephanie, Fractured Linear Jersey Skirt


“I have the navy and love it! I am hoping for another color.”

- Jennifer, Ocean Waves Wrap Skirt


“Just gorgeous!”

- Tarin, Lace Trim Midi & Fractured Linear Jersey Skirts


“Seriously the most comfortable skirt ever!”

- Monica, Fractured Linear Jersey Skirt


“Love this skirt! Flatering on my figure and makes my butt look great too! Nice for work or for going out for drinks with my gal pals.

I got in a size L and it fits me as a 12/14 just fine.

Appreciate the little details like the zig zag stitching on the hem and the black fabric on the waistline. High quality and very well made.”

- Sharon, Cream Tribal Jersey Skirt


“I am so in LOVE with this skirt!! It is my very favorite article of clothing and as soon as I put it on I knew I never wanted to take it off. The fabric is so soft but it’s weight is thick enough to feel luxurious, but light enough to be flattering. This is the second Geek Chic Fashion skirt I own. I love both of my skirts and I want one of each. The construction is amazing and this skirt would be flattering on any body type. I’ll be purchasing many of these for friends and family. THANK YOU!!”

- Seana, Fractured Linear Jersey Skirt


“Love it thanks! Looks great A++”

- Madeleine, Fractured Linear Jersey Skirt