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How Lisa Invests in Pieces She LOVES to Build Her Ideal Wardrobe
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How Lisa Invests in Pieces She LOVES to Build Her Ideal Wardrobe

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This everyday icon is near and dear to my heart, friends! Her name is Lisa Zahiya and she is not only my business coach, but a stylish, inspirational and badass business owner, dancer and all around hype woman! I wish you all could know her and benefit from the incredible knowledge she shares with the world.

It was amazing for me to interview Lisa and learn how she designs her personal style, enlisted help from a professional stylist, and blocks out the “noise” from society about her body. Keep reading to see for yourself!

Describe your favorite outfit? Why is it your fav?
Black pleather leggings, a black tunic (I have long, short sleeves and sleeveless), and retro Air Jordans in Kentucky Blue. I live in New York, so I need outfits that are cute but that I can walk in and run up and down the subway stairs. I don't believe that comfort and cute have to be mutually exclusive. I love pleather (am I supposed to say faux leather) leggings because they are edgy. For accessories, I usually wear gold hoops or big earrings and layered gold necklaces. I am always wearing something meaningful to me, so I have necklaces that say "queen", "boss", and a bracelet that says "badass." I wear what I need to pump myself up!

Tell me about your biggest struggle getting dressed in the morning?
Being curvy, I have had two things come up: 1. to not feel like I am overflowing from everything that I am wearing. I am all for wearing whatever makes you feel good, but oftentimes what is in style/trendy makes me feel like my body is pouring out of my clothes. In opposition to that, I want to wear whatever I want without constant commentary on my body. While I can't prevent that (especially on the streets of New York), I can choose to ignore it.

How do you overcome it? Or do you?
I have spent a lot of time investing in pieces that I LOVE! I went to a stylist to help me figure out what I felt good in but felt comfortable and not binding or tight. And I got some cute headphones so I don't have to listen to people on the street. :)

What’s the most comfortable yet stylish piece in your closet?
Caftans! I have a bunch from traveling in Egypt and they feel like a nightgown but look so chic.

If there were one rule about fashion that you do or would follow, what would it be and why?
I don't really believe in rules, BUT I wouldn't wear white to a wedding, that just seems rude.

If there were one rule about fashion that you would throw out, what would it be and why?
Dress for your age. I'm 43 and wear whatever the heck I want.

What is the one thing in your closet that you could NOT live without? Why?
For my 40th birthday, I bought myself a pair of black 100mm Christian Louboutin pumps, I LOVE them and they are so beautiful.

Name: Lisa Zahiya
Pronouns: She/Hers
Age: 43
Style icon: Carmela Soprano/DollyParton/Tracee Ellis Ross
Fashion Motto: More Leopard Print
Preferred Social Media Platform/Handle: @lisazahiya on IG


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