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geekchicfashion: The Origin Story
· · · 1 comment

geekchicfashion: The Origin Story

· · · 1 comment

Lysandra Weber geekchicfashion

Hi Friends, thanks for visiting my website and blog!

Since this is the blog post to launch all blog posts, I wanted to share with you how it all started several years ago. 

I was out shopping for a casual dress or skirt outfit for summer and I couldn’t find anything that flattered my figure!

The dresses/tops were either too "young/teen" looking or too matronly, neither of which flattered this gorgeous hourglass figure of mine. I felt frustrated and disappointed in the fashion industry.

And that’s when it hit me.

I could make skirts for all my beautiful friends and myself! We just wanted modern, comfortable and versatile wardrobe staples that made us look and feel beautiful! Not to mention they would be ethical and me!

So in that moment, out of necessity, I started sewing and plotting my own fashion empire that would cater to women like me: 
Women who want modern comfortable pieces that transition from work to play. Women who want to look chic and feel beautiful…with a subtle touch of geek!

It’s my mission to create clothing that makes women look and feel amazing. I want women to embrace their shape and personal fashion sense with pieces that fit comfortably & beautifully!

So what’s your story? I’d love to know more about YOU! Drop a note in the comments to share. Talk soon!