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New Season, New Size

New Season, New Size


Real talk time friends. When 2021 rolled around and COVID vaccines became available, the prospect of doing markets again thrilled me to no end! (and also scared me a little)

As some of you might know I’m an extra extrovert. Like, I love being around people, meeting new people, signing up for group activities solo just so that I can meet new people. It’s my jam!

So the anticipation of doing my first market after my vaccination fully kicked in was thrilling! I planned for it for weeks. Designing and redesigning my booth to meet covid protocols and thinking through how to keep myself and you all safe. I was stoked!

Women wearing geekchicfashion Skirts

So the day before the market arrived, I went to pick out my outfit, like I always do the night before. I started putting on my Summation Skirt only to notice that it was too small…

Now, I’ve been running geekchicfashion for 7 years and this is the first time that one of my skirts was too small! I’ve always been a Large on bottom and to put that skirt on and it didn’t fit was a blow.

I’m not gonna call it the COVID15 because look, we were in a global pandemic, on lock down, homeschooling or virtual schooling our children and being in 24/7 contact with our spouses/children/roommates. I'm giving my body the grace it deserves to move through that stress and trauma however it will (and I hope you will do the same for your body).

But the surprise that my skirt didn’t fit still stung. I walk pretty regularly to manage stress and most of my other clothes still fit (those clothes being mostly joggers and tank tops…my stretchy comfy WFH uniform). 

So I took a deep breath, felt the feeling of disappointment that 2020 had dealt to my body and life, released it and reminded myself that I'm a bad a$$ mamajama! I make these clothes and I'm gonna size up to an XL Prism Skirt to feel comfortable and continue looking like the fly Black Business Owner that I am!

Prism Skirt

The truth is, no one on the outside is going to see my size tag. All they’re going to see is how good I look and feel in these awesome skirts that I make. And you know what? That’s exactly why I make these skirts because it doesn’t matter what size you are, you can rock them and feel fabulous + comfy all while looking modern + stylish!

It was on my heart to share this with you because I’ve had a fair number of customers comment on how their bodies have changed over the last 18 months. Some about how they are waiting to buy new clothes until they lose weight, some that are disappointed with parts that are softer and rounder than they once were.

Here’s the thing. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. If the last year taught us anything, I hope it’s that. Live your life to the fullest in whatever shape it’s currently in. You are a beautiful goddess and your body is just a vessel to deliver all your awesomeness to the world! Accept it in all its incarnations and appreciate all that it’s gotten you through, especially lately.

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